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  • Brand:    EQ
  • Type:    EQ7003
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Sending device

EQ Synchronous sending card /sending box, Gigabit Lan, EQ LED player

Single card control range

Normally 256*256 and 1024*256 at most

Single card verification mode


Pixel by pixel verification mode

Support brightness verification and chromaticity verification

Cascading card number of single network cable


Parameter backward reading

Support parameter backward reading

Chip support

Regular chip, PWM chip, light fixture chip, etc

Scanning mode

Arbitrary scanning from 1 scan to 32 scan and intelligent identification scanning mode

Clock frequency


Gray scale grade

65,536 levels gray scale at most

Refresh mode

Regular fresh mode , super high fresh mode and refresh rate multiplication mode

Regular refresh rate of chip

1 scan:64*64 and the refresh rate can reach 4,000Hz-16,000Hz, 8 Scan:128*128 and the refresh rate can reach 800Hz-4000Hz

Data split

Support data split to increase the refresh rate obviously

Synchronization characteristics

Nanosecond synchronization is applied between cards

Arbitrary exchange of internet access

Support without distinction between input and output with arbitrary use

Two unit backup

Support hot backup

Special screen

Support special screen with shape sphericity ,diamond and hexagon, etc

Communication distance

Type five UTP140m and type six UTPwhile the optical fiber cable without limitation

Voltage range

Wide voltage input and support voltage from 3.3V to 6.0V

Temperature range


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